Cloud computing, part 1: costs

cloud sol

Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? There’s a whole scope of advantages to cloud computing.

  1. Flexibility
    With cloud technology, you get access to a multitude of options. You can use various databases, computing resources, and services. Deployment of IT services takes place within minutes, instead of hours, and that is how you can bring the ideas and solutions to life without needing to set up resources and use time-consuming preparations.
  2. Elasticity
    There is no need to allocate resources beforehand for cases of activity bursts. Instead, you can allocate just the necessary amount of resources for the period of time. In cloud infrastructure, resources could also be scaled, by maximizing or minimizing their volume, based on your exact business needs.
  3. Cost reduction
    You pay just for the IT resources you use, which, in turn, facilitates understanding and forecasting of costs related to the maintenance of a business, platform, or app, including a cost-per-user calculation.
  4. Global accessibility
    You can scale the business presence in new geographical regions and skyrocket the global expansion of your product or business.

What types of cloud services are there — IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS?

SaaS PaaS IaaS

How to maintain cloud services?

First things first: clear setup and correct configuration of cloud infrastructure are absolutely essential. Despite the fact that cloud service providers tend to simplify the setup constantly, create usage patterns, and publish guides and “how-tos”, the most effective way to configure a cloud platform is to let a professional do it.

Is AWS always so expensive?

Because the key advantage of cloud services is the ability to pay upon the fact of usage, the price depends on the correct configuration, but also — on the architecture of your IT solution. In other words, a badly configured solution can be expensive when it comes to maintenance, no matter the deployment method — both in cloud infrastructure or on a dedicated server. Also, there is a possibility to use the IaaS type where costs for the services can be planned in advance. So, the short answer would be: no, it is not expensive, but only when you know how to use it.

AWS cloud

Some examples?

Let’s look at an example of a rather simple IT solution located in AWS infrastructure and using IaaS and PaaS services. Let’s say:

  • Database (stores the data)
  • Message queue (intermediary between a processor and an API)
  • Queue processor (service for delayed actions, such as processing or data analysis, scheduled tasks, etc.)



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