Moqod’s AI-Employee Anna Handles Inbound Inquiries Better Than a Human!

3 min readJun 21, 2024


This June Moqod introduced a groundbreaking AI employee named Anna, fluent in both Dutch and English. Anna is not just an automated voice or a scripted chatbot. Instead, she represents a sophisticated synthesis of AI and human-like interaction, specially designed to handle inbound inquiries efficiently and empathetically. This development is particularly noteworthy for its focus on local languages, emphasizing a global impact by enhancing accessibility and personalization in customer interactions.

Moqod’s Objectives Behind Integrating Anna

The integration of Anna into Moqod’s operations is driven by several key objectives and purposes, all aimed at enhancing the company’s service capabilities and operational efficiency. At its core, Moqod’s strategy revolves around leveraging advanced AI technology to improve customer interactions and ensure a seamless service experience.

Improving Response Times and Inquiry Management: Since the integration of Anna, Moqod has observed that all inquiries are processed without any delay, ensuring that potential clients do not have to wait for a reply. This prompt response capability is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement. Additionally, Anna effectively filters all inquiries, categorizing them and transferring them to the appropriate team members. This not only streamlines the workflow within Moqod but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of handling customer requests, ensuring that each query is addressed by the right expert.

Increasing Operational Efficiency: By automating the initial stages of customer interaction, Anna reduces the workload on human employees, allowing them to focus on more complex issues and tasks that require human intervention. This shift not only optimizes resource allocation within Moqod but also speeds up response times for handling customer inquiries.

Showcasing Technological Leadership: Moqod is committed to being at the forefront of technological innovation within the industry. Deploying Anna as a customer-facing AI agent demonstrates Moqod’s dedication to embracing cutting-edge technologies that pave the way for future developments.

The Developer’s Focus on Local Languages

While many AI technologies offer support in widely spoken languages such as English or Spanish, Moqod’s Anna, developed by the Kollie AI team, breaks new ground by also providing fluent support in Dutch, catering to the specific needs of the Dutch-speaking community. This approach not only improves the user experience by offering services in users’ native languages but also sets a precedent for AI personalization and regional adaptation.

The significance of incorporating local languages in AI customer service cannot be overstated. It bridges the gap between global technology and local usability, making sophisticated AI tools accessible and useful to a broader audience. This is particularly important in countries where English is not the first language, allowing companies to provide better service to a more diverse clientele.

Transforming Customer Service

Anna’s ability to handle inquiries with the precision and warmth of human interaction marks a new era in customer service. Equipped with the capability to understand and process various accents and dialects, Anna can interact with customers in a way that feels both comfortable and familiar. This high level of personalization ensures that customers are not just heard, but understood, which is crucial in building trust and satisfaction.

Moreover, Anna is designed to learn continuously from each interaction. This ability to adapt and improve over time means that her effectiveness and efficiency will only increase, making her an invaluable asset to Moqod’s service offerings.

Global Impact and Future Potential

The introduction of Anna by Moqod is a clear demonstration of the potential global impact of AI when combined with a thoughtful approach to local language integration. As businesses around the world continue to expand and diversify, the demand for such personalized and accessible technology will only grow. Anna’s role at Moqod could serve as a blueprint for future AI deployments across various industries looking to enhance their customer service operations.

By ensuring that AI technologies can speak directly to users in their native tongue, companies like Moqod are not just innovating within their fields — they are also paving the way for a more inclusive and personalized technological future.

In conclusion, Moqod’s unveiling of Anna is more than just a technological advancement; it is a step towards a more connected and responsive global market, where AI and human interaction blend seamlessly to meet the needs of diverse populations. With ongoing developments and enhancements, AI like Anna will continue to transform industries by providing solutions that are not only intelligent but also genuinely intuitive and user-friendly.




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