What if you have a brilliant idea and you need funding? Is it doom and gloom for startups, or is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is it better to sit it out until things “calm down” or maybe there never be a better time for a kick-off? Some avoid these questions; some come up with all types of ideas for businesses reflecting the reality; some try to reinvent the wheel.

Working a lot with startups, we at Moqod decided to address our friends with more expertise in the domain. We had a chance to interview Irma…

Blockchain 101 with Pascal Marco Caversaccio.

Blockchain today.

Meet Pascal Marco Caversaccio, Blockchain consultant at Apps with love, a full-service digital agency. At Moqod we couldn’t have thought of a better person to explain Blockchain.

Moqod: Hello Pascal! Could you please tell us a few words about yourself? What do you love about Blockchain and how did you get into this field?

Pascal: Well, my name is Pascal Caversaccio, I am 30 y.o., I live in Bern, Switzerland. As you’ve already mentioned, I am a Blockchain advisor at Apps with Love. …

Testing and validating business ideas for tech startups, without spending a fortune.

Business Idea Validation

A great business always starts with a great idea! Have you heard this one before?

As inspiring as it can appear, this notion is invalid, just like a great idea without proper validation. If every subjectively good idea made it into a functioning product, the market would look completely different today.

To answer the above question, we can say that: “A possible start to a successful business is an idea validated with a real audience”.

Table of Content

What is Idea Validation?

Why should you validate a business idea?

What is…

Rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping is one of the core phases in software development. It allows to tailor the final product to the user’s needs and launch the best possible version of the product. At Moqod, we consider rapid prototyping crucial for the success of your idea, which is why we place a special emphasis on it when we work with you.


Before helping others with data security, one should make sure their data complies with the highest standards and regulations. This is what we did at Moqod, thanks to Matthew Frost, the CTO of Uptic, who helped us with our ISO. Uptic, the open-source Dev-Ops (software development and IT operations) company is Moqod’s partner to this day.

At Moqod we help start-ups jump into tech businesses, and they have questions about security. We couldn’t think of a better person to get the answers than Matthew Frost himself.

Moqod: Matthew, could you please tell us a bit about your background? What is…

Product Approach to App Development by Moqod.

When you imagine your future app, do you envision it as a bunch of code lines? Or do you see a user with a device in hands solving the problem using the app you created?

Would you prefer a service provider who delivers the code or the one who takes into account the success of your future business? Taking a wild guess, your choice will fall on a company invested in your product at every level. In this case, a product approach to app development is your way to proceed.

The product approach to application development is when you take…

Moqod’s interview with an expert in matching startups with investors.

After having an insightful conversation with Angel investors from MatchingWings (read the full version here), we decided to go deeper into the topic of startup funding.

From the side it looks simple: you need money for your startup, those folks with a LinkedIn title “Investor” have the money. You match!

Unfortunately, this is similar comparison to the statement that if you are a woman every man matches you. Not every, not a man, not matching — there are too many variables to state that.

How to find the right investor for your startup? We decided to ask a professional, a…

IOS & Android cross-platform.

No matter how technical that may sound to you, we at Moqod treat the choice of the platform as a business question.

And here is why.

We as software developers are cross-platform ambassadors, we favor everything that makes things faster. We are also concept-validation believers, trusting rapid market-fit feedback loops as the only strategic way to build a successful app.

However, the fastest route is not always the optimal one. So when you decide what platform to choose for your future business, we encourage you to think about its nature first.

Of course, what comes to your mind first is…


Each and every software needs a backend, and this is where Backend-as-a-Service (Baas) solutions come into play. As a result, your backend side development is automated. More specifically, all the behind-the-scenes processes, such as database management, user authentication, updates, push notifications, etc., are taken care of.

One of the most popular Baas solutions, Firebase, was launched in 2011 and acquired by Google in 2014. Today this realtime database offers 18 services and holds one of the leading positions on the market.

We have recently covered why Firebase is a wonderful solution to build your MVP. Just like any other software…

Growth Hacking for startups.

At Moqod we work a lot with start-ups. Most of the young businesses ask regular questions when they begin their journey of entrepreneurship. How do we grow? How to ensure proper market fit? Where to get new customers? We invited Ewoud Uphof to get an insight on his one of a kind experience in growth hacking and share it with all those for whom a term “growth hacking” is slightly vague and scary at this point.

Spoiler alert: it won’t be the case by the time you are done reading.

Ewoud started working with affiliate websites for smartphone and travel…


Building a paperless future with the power of smart technologies, cloud, mobile and web apps is our dream. moqod.com

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